About Connection Africa

About Us

We are a philanthropic, all-volunteer organization with a collective of 40 years non-profit experience!
Bee hives save Elephant Lives!

Saving Children & Elephants

Feeding & Educating Children - Helping Farmers SAVE their crops with BEES - Empowering Women - ALL helps to prevent ELEPHANTS being KILLED! We start by feeding children. Please join US!
Donations and Elephant Store


100% of donations, as specified, goes towards either Educations/Awareness, Legislative Support, or Sustainability projects.

Our Mission:

"To contribute to the global effort to generate awareness of the importance of keystone species, in conserving crucial environments to support all life on earth."

Our Goals:

  • Education: To participate in and generate opportunities that provide awareness regarding the gravity of endangered elephants and other species facing extinction.
  • Sustainability: We will make it a priority to work cooperatively with qualified organizations on projects that will help to mitigate human/wildlife conflicts and anti-poaching/wildlife trafficking efforts.
  • Legislation: To support and help pass important legislation, federal, state and global, that will help end the destruction of critical bio-diverse environments.