About Connection Africa

About Us

It is our hope that one day humans, elephants, rhinos and other iconic, keystone species will be able to coexist in peace and harmony!
Bee hives save Elephant Lives!

Bee Farms

Currently, farmers use 5 - 6" stakes in the ground to dissuade elephants from entering and destroying their crops. Installing bee hives provides a safer, friendlier way to keep elephants from stepping on crops.
Donations and Elephant Store


Without your generous contributions, we could not provide the assistance to improve the human conditions, assist with anti-poaching efforts, build schools, and prevent the extinction of our world's precious wildlife. We are very grateful to anyone that can provide any financial assistance.

Our Mission Statement:

"Connection Africa's mission is to help create and ensure a future environment where humans, elephants, rhinos and other iconic species will be able to coexist in peace and harmony."

Our Goals:

  • Education: One of our goals is to identify or generate opportunities to provide awareness regarding the gravity of endangered elephants and other species facing extinction.
  • Sustainability: We will make it a priority to work cooperatively with qualified organizations on projects that will help to mitigate human/wildlife conflicts and anti-poaching/wildlife trafficking efforts.
  • Legislation: In the past, Connection Africa stepped up and worked to support and help pass important legislation in California and nationally. We will be available to assist whenever there is a demand to help protect endangered species and to end the destruction of our planet's environment both domestically and globally.