Bee Farms

Currently, farmers use any means possible to dissuade elephants from entering and destroying their crops. The most popular method is installing 5 - 6" stakes into the ground. As elephants step on the stakes they pierce their delicate feet, causing intense pain, infection and ultimately death.

Installing bee hives creates a safer way to prevent elephants from invading farms. Additionally, elephants trumpet a sound that can be heard by other elephants up to ten miles to not come to that area due to the bees.

This project calls for 4500 beehives to help over 300 farmers avoid and stop their conflicts with elephants.

$500 to build and install multiple hives per farm and to train and maintain for one year - then the hive becomes self-sustaining.

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The farmers enjoy planting cassava, and sunflowers. They really love the sunflowers, as they produce oil. The families get along well with each other, and will do what they can to work on community projects. They can use the money that will be generated from the bee hives to help raise food for their families, to have income from honey and wax, which we hope to see families use to educate their children. In Kenya, education is only free until age 8. After that, each child has to have their education paid for by the family. It costs about a $1,000 to send a child to school, and boys will go before girls, so we are hoping that the extra income will provide funding for the girl children.

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