Bee Farms

2016, a community leader from the Tsavos West area of Kenya, approached us for the purpose of helping his community install beehives. As it turns out, elephants are afraid of bees! Farmers use any means possible to dissuade elephants from entering their fields and destroying their crops. The most popular method is using poison darts. However, in this particular community they use 5 - 6" stakes installed into the ground. As elephants step on the stakes they pierce their delicate feet, causing intense pain, infection and ultimately death.

Installing beehive fences creates a barrier that safely prevents elephants from invading farmers crops. Additionally, elephants trumpet a warning that can be heard by other elephants up to ten miles away, “Do NOT come to this area! There are BEES!”. November 2016, we started to collect commitments for a beta phase to include 10 farms, our contact shifted his energy to importing water for elephants and only five farms.
The beginning of 2017, we had been contacted by several other areas in Africa to help install beehives. We are happy to report that we are now taking our original model and applying it in the VOI area of Kenya, East Tsavos.

Photo is of the beehives we funded in November of 2016.

How to Help

Bee Kind Help to sponsor a farm in Kenya and save elephants from conflicts with farmers. Any donations will contribute to installing beehive fences. However, if you’d like to sponsor an entire farm or just one hive:

  • ONE Farm Sponsorship: $500us
  • ONE Hive Purchase: $50us
  • GENERAL BH Fund: Any amount donation – no amount is too small.
When making your donation please specify if you are wishing to sponsor a FARM, a HIVE, or want your donation to go into the GENERAL Beehive Fund.