Our History

Connection Africa started out after a bucket-list trip to South Africa. Experiencing the magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat was a real eye-opener. Upon return from Africa the founder began to conduct research about the plight of wildlife. After a year of working with other organizations to generate awareness in the United States and help pass state and federal laws to ban the importation and sales of ivory, rhino horn, etc. The founder's efforts lead her to better understand the poaching situation in Africa.

Generating brand recognition began long before we formed our incorporation. We started our logo as the “State of California” for Elephants. Which seemed too convoluted. So, in keeping with the California State flag we incorporated a matriarchal elephant and her baby with the CA star. As we expanded our efforts we added the “Connection Africa” as a homonym on the “CA” – Eventually, we were fortunate to have the National Geographic artist, Ms. Asher Jay design time image we use today.

Recognizing the need to substitute poaching with income abilities was the impetus for starting CA4Elephants.org. It was believed that if we could help small villages and communities to be empowered with the ability to generate their own renewable revenue by developing renewable resources, we could help assist in lowering the number of elephants killed, each year, by local villagers.